There are no further programs as the Society ceased operating as of December 31, 2018.


Previous Programs
JANUARY 9, 2018:  Harry Ross – Finding Ancestors at Ellis Island.  Even though this includes immigrants from 1892 on, there were many German-speaking people who came to America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Harry will help us find their immigration records at Ellis Island.
FEBRUARY 6, 2018:  Elmar Fend – The History of the Allemanic People.  These are the German-speaking peoples of Switzerland and Austria whose roots extend back to Roman times.  Elmar will trace their story through the centuries until modern times.
MARCH 6, 2018 John Mears – Emigration of Northern European Ports.   This class will focus on the major ports for emigration in northern Europe–including Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, England, and some Scandinavian ports.  We will discuss research strategies for finding emigration records in the country of origin, in the ports, and in the United States.
April 3, 2018:  Mark Rabideau- East and West Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, and Silesia (pre-1948 Eastern German Provinces, now largely parts of Poland, Russia, Lithuania).  The focus of the discussions will be German-Prussian-Polish-Holocaust-Mennonite research. The presentation will explore and demonstrate tools, techniques and effective research approaches.
MAY 1, 2018.  Ted Bainbridge-“I Can’t Find Them in the Census!”.  If you have ever locked for somebody in the Census and couldn’t find them, this presentation is for you. Proven research methods and tricks that will help you find elusive people.  Dealing with old handwriting? General principles and specific examples. Four-page handout is a check list of all the methods and tricks described.
SEPTEMBER 4, 2018: Julie Miller-“Chasing the Link:  Passenger Arrival Lists–Searching and Analyzing Passenger Records”.  The search for passenger arrival lists can be frustrating as well as time-consuming.  This lecture will discuss the passenger list records that are available, where to find these records, and how to use them.
OCTOBER 2, 2018: JAMES JEFFREY-  “Learning to use the Kevan Hansen Map Guides to German Parish Churches, and Other Underutilized Reference Materials in the Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library”.  James will also discuss the Kevan Hansen collections of maps of Parish Records in Switzerland and Luxembourg.
NOVEMBER  6, 2018:  Dr. Todd Laugen – The Colorado Experience During and After World War I.   In observance of the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War I on November 11, 1918, Dr. Laugen will explore the impact that the US entry into World War I and its aftermath had on local mobilizations and responses, especially as it affected the German-speaking immigrants in Colorado.
DECEMBER  4, 2018: Joan Grady, Hummel Figurines: These hand-painted porcelain figurines, based on the artwork of a German nun, were very popular right after World War II, as many servicemen had brought them home as gifts.  This presentation will include a history of the Goebel Company, which originally produced the figurines, and will also explain the production process, including the trademarks on the base, which can also affect the value of these pieces.  Attendees are encouraged to bring one of their own figurines or a photo of the bottom markings.
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